Adventures of the Early Ooters

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Arrangements for Wed 14 th Dec.

Meet at Rex Porter's house at 10.00.a.m. Rex will lead us on a 2-3 hour walk around Ayr. This will be followed by a pool competition and something to eat and drink.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ballageich Hill 30 November

Allan, Davie C, Dougie, Gus, Ian, Jim, Jimmy, Johnny, Kenny T, Malcolm, Paul, Robert & Davie Mc

As we drove into Eaglesham on a cold November morning your scribe could not help but wondering why we were parking at the bottom of the hill that is Polnoon Street rather than the top. “To add a wee bit to the walk”, was the reason offered.
Suitably clad with gloves, hats, et alia, we set off back up to the top of the hill, passing through the parkland rather than following the pavement, and then made our way back up the Eaglesham Moor road until we reached the steep path which took us to the top of Ballageich Hill.
Coffee was called for, and whilst we sat and looked out towards Glasgow, Jimmy produced his binoculars to identify the distant landmarks. The day was getting duller and there was a slight suggestion of moisture in the air so we didn’t delay and set off over the hill before descending by a rather steep slope to Brennan Loch. Thankfully, all made it down in one piece and we took the path between this loch and Lochcraig Reservoir to South Moorhouse farm.
On the previous occasion this walk was done, we turned right here and took the track back towards Eaglesham, but this time we decided to continue down Muirshield Road and on to Langlee Road. (By the way, we hope that the two guys digging the hole for the telegraph pole have made it by this time!) Langlee Road takes you to Eastwood Golf Club but we turned right and went up past North Moorhouse Cottage and into North Moorhouse Farm. Our leaders were following a route on their map and we saw a sign for the footpath on the side of one of the farm buildings, but we took advantage, or so we thought, of local knowledge when we spotted the farmer who was only to keen to talk to us. He advised those at the front which way to go and so we thanked him and moved on. However, after a couple of minutes, there seemed to be something lost in the translation as we debated exactly which direction to take. Kenny went one way but was quickly recalled by the others who made their way up to a field gate and into a field bounded by barbed wire. Carefully climbing this wire at the far side of the field, it was then a matter of ‘where are we and why are we here?’  In truth, once we had our bearings and headed off in approximately the right direction, it wasn’t too long before we spotted a track which took us up to where Kirkton Moor Road and Bonnyton Moor Road met. We took shelter at the side of the road, out of the breeze and the smir, and partook of lunch.
The last leg was down the road past Bonnyton Golf Club towards the new estate at Polnoon. As we walked down Polnoon Road your scribe asked again, “Why didn’t we park at the top of the hill?”
The walk had taken four hours and, for some, it felt like it. Those who had donned gaiters had felt the benefit when negotiating the boggy sections but, all in all, it had been a good step out, and the weather had not been an issue.
FRT was taken at the Kings in Fenwick where Derval Davie joined us after having been at the doctor’s with a …… sair fit.
Kenny’s path was probably the right one.