Adventures of the Early Ooters

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Arrangements for Wed 29th March

The plan is to walk Conic Hill near Balmaha. Meet at 10.30 in the Balmaha car park for a roundabout walk up Conic Hill. Minimal food required as lunch is planned in the pub at the foot of the hill. In the event of a disastrous forecast check the blog for a more local sheltered walk around 7.00p.m.on the Tuesday night.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Seven Peaks 15 March

Alan, Allan, Dougie, Gus, Ian, Johnny, Kenny R, Kenny T, Malcolm, Rex, Robert

We’ve done the four tops in the past but today saw us pursue a new goal – the Seven Peaks. This would require stamina, determination, and above all, a realisation of knowing when to stop!
After a leisurely coffee at the Concert Hall, we took the relatively short walk over to Glasgow Cathedral to take in the wonders of the building. We had access to most of the building but the main area of worship was holding Hutchesons’ Grammar School Founders’ Day Commemoration Service. Before too long, this came to a conclusion and we watched as the great and the good exited. We then went  in ourselves for a look-round. As we left the Cathedral we were joined by Rex who had been delayed in arriving due a doctor’s appointment, and the eleven of us headed up to the Necropolis for a half-hour’s wander. From the highest point, we were able to observe our next challenge i.e. conquering the Seven Peaks of the Drygate Brewery.
Recommended by Rex, Dougie had, through his contacts, managed to obtain a discount for us, albeit we had to be honorary members of Prestwick Cricket Club Walking Group for the day. Seven Peaks is the Brewery’s logo and is representative of the seven peaks of the brewery’s roof. Having been seated, we were each treated to four samples of their beers (a third of a pint each) whilst the brand ambassador explained the differences and the history of the brewery and restaurant. Well done to him! (Sorry, your scribe has forgotten his name). Most of the beers were approximately 5% in strength, but he did advise us that their Fourteen Peaks ale was approaching 10%. Where’s Davie C when you need him?
Having sampled the beers, and beginning to feel the effects, the food came at the right time, just in time, you’ve guessed it, to accompany a further round of drinks. We were sensible today and left the brewery, refreshed, but still compos mentis.
The facility was similar in many ways to the West Brewery, but maybe a bit more convivial and the food was good. This was a really good day out with another height scaled for the Ooters
Thanks to Rex ‘Slips’ Porter for the recommendation and to Dougie ‘Long Leg’ Muir for organising the lunch and demonstration. We need to return, at some stage, with Davie ‘Short Leg’ Clunie!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Arrangements for Wed 22nd March

Meet in Largs at the ferry terminal around 10.00.a.m. The walk will be our usual Millport circular.
The walk for the following week is Conic hill near Balmaha.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Ness Glen 8 March

Alan, Allan, Davie Mc, Dougie, Gus, Ian, Kenny T, Malcolm

Meeting at the dam on a dry morning, everyone decided that it would be sensible to do the Ness Glen walk today rather than the Four Lochs one. We were soon on our way and were glad to get some shelter from the chill wind.
This walk has been described many times before so, suffice it to say, we did the familiar figure of eight route, going high first.
Underfoot conditions were variable, ranging from dry tarmac to extremely muddy off road sections. Care was taken when stepping on stones as they were slippy.
Coffee was taken at our usual benches and lunch devoured beside the ruins of Berbeth, a spot sheltered from the wind. From here we had a great view of ‘the Beoch’ and reminisced of the day, not so long ago, that we were up there.
As we reached the gorge we encountered some light rain but, all in all, the weather had been kind to us. ‘Three hours and fifty-five minutes’, said Davie, and the technology said nine and a bit miles.
FRT was taken at the Dalmellington Inn where there were only a few local punters in and no racing on the telly. In fact, the telly was showing a music video channel and we were perplexed for a while as to why the sound didn’t seem to match the pictures. We then realised that the telly was muted and the music was coming from the wee juke box. Aye, auld age disnae come itsel’. Nonetheless, a good hour was had.